I admit to having been knitting for more than 20 years, but didn’t start teaching it until after leaving the corporate world. First knitting class I taught: toe up socks. I still tend to focus on beginner to intermediate classes (of course, that’s all a matter of opinion!).

I enjoy discovering new-to-me cast on methods (moebius, Judy’s magic, German twisted, double chain [AKA Chinese Waitress]), techniques (Roosimine/Roositud) and ways to do things (SSK vs SSK improved vs one-step SSK) and then sharing that knowledge. I default to English style, am comfortable working Continental and have to review to return to Portuguese. My goals for any class I teach are to ensure you learn while still having a good time. Students have “volunteered” me to teach Andrea Mowery’s Nightshift shawl, MarinJaKnits’ Butterfly|Papillon shawl, Diane Zangi’s Rustic Christmas Stocking, Arne & Carlos’ Christmas Balls, Donna Smith’s Baa-ble Mug Cozy (steeking!) and Arne & Carlos’ Red Squares On Point cardigan (intarsia).

What would you like to learn (there’s always something!)?